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Jim & Patty's Coffee

Good Coffee, No Backtalk since 1973

-   ABOUT US  -

In 1972 Jim and Patty Roberts discovered fresh roasted coffee beans at a little shop in Eugene, Oregon called The Coffee Bean, owned by coffee pioneer Jeff Ferguson.  A far cry from Folgers.  Soon Jim went to work for Jeff and sold pour-over brewed coffee at the Eugene Saturday Market. By 1976 he and Patty were operating their own shop in Portland, called The Coffee Man.  In 1983 Coffee Man became Coffee People, and soon the battle was on with a newcomer in town, Starbucks.  Coffee People grew to 25 stores in and around Portland, as well as a number of locations in Eugene, Chicago, Denver, Arizona and California.  They opened one of the first espresso drive -thrus in the nation in 1990, called Motor Moka.  By 1998, Jim and Patty sold their shares in the business and left for other adventures.  On November 11, 2002, they opened Jim and Patty's Coffee.  The new mission: the best drinks with the best beans, the best baked goods made from scratch in house, and all done without taking life too seriously. 


Welcome to Jim and Patty's!

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